29 October, 2016
1:00 PM
Lagoon Room, Environmental Learning Center, 255 Live Oak Dr Vero Beach, FL 32963

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Sabrina ‘Fiyah Fly’ Carpenter

Fiyah Fly’s spoken word poetry career began at age 16 at Wesleyan University and her motivational speaking career started at age 19 in collaboration with the American Cancer Society.

As a cancer survivor, spoken word poet, motivational speaker, author, literacy coach, entrepreneur, mother, radio show host, publisher and philanthropist, Fiyah Fly has inspired and motivated thousands of people with her ability to evoke heartfelt emotion through stories of growth and perseverance.

Infatuated by the expression of words and innate ability to transform the lives of those in her presence, Fiyah Fly’s performances have been in high demand for over 15 years.

Read your work at “Poetry & Barbeque” or get published!

This workshop is no longer open for signup. Please contact the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation for information about having Ms. Carpenter for workshops at your school.

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