Poetry: Finding Your Voice

Poetry: Finding Your Voice (Adult Writing Workshop) Steve Bradbury, poet, translator, veteran editor and teacher in colleges, here and abroad April 4, 2020 Poetry is a marriage of sound and sense, and reading aloud can be a powerful device for refining verse and finding one’s voice: one’s style and persona. In this lively, informal workshop Bradbury

The Craft of Historical Fiction: Five Essential Elements

The Craft of Historical Fiction: Five Essential Elements (Adult Writing Workshop) Charles Todd, award-winning, New York Times best selling author March 14, 2020 In this interactive workshop, Todd will first define what Historical Fiction is and is not, then delve into the five core elements this challenging genre demands: research, culture, character development and authentic dialogue,

Memoir: The Stories Our Stuff Tells

The Joys of Travel Writing (Adult Writing Workshop) Suzanne Fox, writer, teacher, book consultant, co-founder and publisher of Stories of You Books February 22, 2020 Fox will use dialogue, handouts and brief writing exercises to explore the way our possessions, past and present, spark memories and tell vivid life stories about our tastes, interests, values

Let’s Start at the Beginning: Novel Openings

Let’s Start at the Beginning: Novel Openings (Adult Writing Workshop) Susan Conley, teacher and award-winning author February 1, 2020 Conley will help participants mine their life experiences to write incisive, cinematic scenes that hook the reader. With innovative writing prompts, she will demonstrate ways to jump-start or re-imagine a character’s development and motivations, investigate the

Comics the Marvel Way

Comics the Marvel Way (Teen Writers Workshops) John Rhett Thomas Sunday, January 19, 2020 Time: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 1914 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960 About the Workshop: John Rhett Thomas will break down the entire comic book-making process from a Marvel perspective, from concept to plot to penciling to inking to coloring and

The Joys of Travel Writing

The Joys of Travel Writing (Adult Writing Workshop) Thomas Swick, feature writer and veteran travel editor of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel January 18, 2020 Swick will break down travel writing into three parts: research before a trip; observation and participation on site; and writing when home. Participants will learn how to use personal voice, point